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Your business should be protected and tended to with the greatest of care. Our Business and Litigation lawyers are highly skilled in critical and strategic planning and execution of complex legal matters and complex daily business matters.  Our strategic and critical thinking/planning approach allows us to identify problems and develop solutions that protect and grow your business while mitigating legal spend and risk.

Other businesses normally use the following

Strategic legal Risk Mitigation (Starts with at Legal Risk Assessment)

Routine legal advice and consultation on company specific business topics

Partner Relations

Employee Relations

Vendor Relations

Mergers and Acquisitions

Due Diligence

Contract and Agreement Drafting and Review

Ongoing advice that is specifically tailored to your specific business and its niche legal needs.

Forming Your Business in Oklahoma

Whether you have moved to Oklahoma from another state, or you are a resident setting up a new business, entity formation requires many legal steps.  From searching for a legal business name (and avoiding copyright infringement), to creating your legal entity, licenses and regulatory compliance, and Secretary of State filings.

Are you creating an Incorporation, S-Corp or partnership? Make sure your contract is iron clad, and that it protects both your intellectual property and defines your limited liability as a business owner.  We can advise how to keep your personal assets separate from your incorporated business, and help you avoid many of the common pit falls entrepreneurs face, when starting a new business in Oklahoma.

Venture Capital Contract Reviews

You’ve successfully pitched your product or service to venture capitalists, and now they are eager to invest in your vision and business plan.  The problem? A two-inch contract of terms, conditions and limitations regarding the seed money you need to start your business.

Only a professional Attorney has the expertise to scrutinize and review a financial contract.  We will inform you of the terms of the proposed conditions, and red flag any concerns that we feel may place you, the intellectual property owner, in legal jeopardy.

Website Terms and Conditions and Digital Disclaimers

Your business website is required to have a statement of ‘Terms Conditions and Limitations’ both by State and Federal Law.  What should that legal statement include, that will help protect your business?  Our legal team at Compton Law can help you draft a compliant and protective TCL document, that you can include on your website.

Limited Liability Agreements for Contract Workers

One of the most recent examples of how quickly legal requirements and liability issues can arise from contract workers, has been seen within the trucking industry in California.  Have you clearly defined who is a contract worker versus a salaried or hourly employee?  When the lines are blurred or not defined in legal terms, there can be serious liability issues, leaving your business open to civil action by employees.

We can help you draft employee contracts, work to will full-time employee contracts and much more.  Get the legal advice you need to make sure your staffing is compliant with State requirements.

Personal Injury Lawyers at Compton Law Fight for the Rights of Accident Victims Across Oklahoma

Critical and strategic planning and consulting 

Risk awareness planning and protocols

Oklahoma business compliance

Requests of RFP’s from specialist law firms

Venture Capital contract renewals and review

Mergers and acquisitions (M&As)

Contract negotiations

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