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Divorce proceedings

Divorce and Child Custody proceedings are never easy, but learning and education about the process can be very valuable.  First, learning about the process and the steps gives you an overview and basic understanding.  That, in and of itself, normally helps reduce anxiety and uncertainty and helps you start to formulate a plan.  Next, understanding the roadmap provides a basis in which to expect and plan for future events.

The Process starts with consulting a lawyer to begin planning and preparing for speaking with your spouse.  Many divorce and child custody proceedings end with agreements.  So its best to get a case strategy plan in place.  A lawyer can help you issue spot and determine where the fights and disagreements are likely to arise and prepare you for speaking with your spouse.

Speak to your spouse.  It’s best to consult a lawyer before speaking with your spouse.  When you speak with your spouse, you will want to discuss:

Property division;

Debt division;

Temporary living arrangements;

Custody and visitation;

School and Transportation,

Petition:  The divorce and child custody process in Oklahoma starts with the filing of the Petition, which officially sets forth the name of the parties and the requested relief.

Automatic Temporary Injunction & Summons:

Temporary Order Hearing: The court can promptly issue Orders than dictate the rights and responsibilities of each party during the pendency of the divorce.

Discovery: The process of gathering all the evidence and each side getting all of the evidence necessary for the case.  Written discovery normally consists of interrogatories, requests for production of documents, and requests for admissions.  Discovery also can entail witness and party depositions and subpoenas to third parties for documents.

Mediation: after each side has gathered all the relevant evidence and has prepared a supporting argument as to their position (desires) then the parties may go before a neutral party to help resolve the issues and disagreements without taking the case to a trial.



Custody matters

Often, the most pressing concern for divorcing parents is who will be given legal custody of the children. Parents may share custody of the children (called joint custody), or one parent will be given total control over a child’s housing and welfare (sole custody). Oklahoma courts determine custody by examining the factors in each parent’s life and consider which placement is in the best interests of the children. Courts must consider past criminal behavior and accusations of domestic violence or abuse as well as any behavior that increases the possibility of harm to a child. Once custody has been decided, it can only be changed through a court petition, and the parent must be able to show evidence of improved circumstances that can benefit the child.

Child support

Parents who are raising minor children may need help paying for their school, housing, and healthcare costs. The amount of child support a parent is owed will depend on the parents’ incomes, the number of children involved, how much support the children receive from other sources, child care expenses, and other factors. Under Oklahoma law, child support for minor children must be paid until the child turns 18 years old, while support for physically or mentally disabled children can continue indefinitely.

Alimony payments.

Alimony is a payment from one spouse to another to make up for the sudden financial inequality caused by divorce. These payments are referred to as spousal support and can be paid during the divorce process (called spousal maintenance) or continue after the divorce is final (as alimony). Alimony can be paid monthly or in a lump sum in the form of property (such as a house or investments). Courts will examine a number of factors when determining the amount of alimony, including each spouse’s age, income, job skills, and the length of the marriage.

Oklahoma Divorce Lawyers – Child Custody Lawyers

Our Mission is to provide you with exceptional and friendly customer service.  We differentiate ourselves based on our helpful and client-focused “bedside” manner.  We believe that the best outcome is the result of a collaborative process between client and counselor.  From the moment you speak with one of my friendly and helpful staff, your mind will be put to ease.  You’ve taken the first step to help yourself, by reaching out to us…  Now the anxiety or worry can start to subside or “ease” and allow your mind to focus on other priorities.  Let us get to work and do what we do best so you can continue your busy day-to-day, goal-driven life.

The sudden change in the family is overwhelming, both emotionally and financially. Whether you and your spouse have decided to split up or you are looking to change child custody and support, your family will be under a considerable burden for some time. Unfortunately, what you do in the next few months can put you on a path for the rest of your life, so it is vital to get honest and practical legal advice and consultation.  Our Divorce lawyers are customer service oriented and always happy to help visit and educate our clients along the way.  The best result’s we have experienced comes from a collaborative approach between the client and lawyer.

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Many events can change the structure and support of your family, and they can all cause confusion and disruption in everyday life. At the Compton Law Firm, our attorneys provide one-on-one guidance for child support, alimony, property division, and custody matters, giving parents and families the security they need to move on from divorce. Learn more about Oklahoma family laws by reading our Frequently Asked Legal Questions, or download our Family Law Handbook. Read what our clients have to say about us testimonials. Call the Compton Law Firm today to discuss your situation with an attorney.

The Oklahoma divorce and child custody lawyers at Compton Law Firm are customer serviced based and passionate about protecting and enforcing your legal rights.

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